Vroesenpark Blijdorp

Vroesenpark Blijdorp. If you like to have a nice relaxing day,just like Sunday, Slackline, BBQ&Chill-this park is for you. On warm summernights the Vroesenpark more like a BBQ -party than a backyard. When you come here,you will most like not read your book. So leave it at your hotel,bring a bottle of wine and enjoy[…]

Spido boat

Spido. Discover the port of Rotterdam with Spido boat. The best way to view one of the world’s largest ports to take 75 minute boat tour. You will see Rotterdam’s imposing skyline, architecture, harbors, docks and shipyards, other experience of ,,Manhattan on the Maas,,. The route takes in sights including boat SS Rotterdam,Hotel New York[…]

Central Railway Station Rotterdam

Rotterdam Central Railway Station is the Central District of Rotterdam with many international compagnies and multinationals. The area with high buildings and a constant stream of people,can make you think of New York.You can search Central Station about 10 minutes walk from us or just 1 stap with metro Blijdorp. Adres: Stationplein 1 AJ Rotterdam.