Terms & Conditions

  • Stopdropandeat will do everything to take good care of your luggage.
  • Stopdropandeat (Verhage Blijdorp fast food restaurant) will be not responsible for damage or missing items. Usage of our┬áservice is always at risk of the user (Title 9 of Boek 7 Burgerlijk Wetboek).
  • If you are a consumer you may only purchase services from our storage if you are at least 18 years old.
  • You will get 1 receipt for 1 item. In case of a lost ticket we will take a time to find the item. In case of no receipt we can not be responsible for the consequenses.
  • The prices for usage of the lugagge storage are 5 euro and 8 euro per item, depends of size. (same Day pick-up), 5 euro price per Additional Day(s). For large quantities(10 bags or more) or for special requests please call or Send e-mail. The only items accepted are bags or suitcases. We are not responsible for damage or missing items. We don’t accept suitcases or bags with a higher value than 250 euro, including content
  • We don’t take items that are too valuable, too big or have possible dangerous content.
  • If luggage will not get picked up without notification, we keep it for 1 month in our storage and after without an agreement the luggage will be removed.
  • You can pay for services using V-pay (Maestro), cash or credit cards.

Stopdropandeat (Verhage fast food restaurant) is equipped with cameras, to make everyone feel safe.