Rotterdam Zoo ,,Blijdorp,,

The Rotterdam Zoo or Dutch name ,,Diergaarde Blijdorp,, is one of Hollands biggest attractions and also one of the best zoos in Europa. Over 1,5 million visitors visit the different parts of Blijdorp, where animals live in their simulated habitats, every year. Ranging from giraffes to gorilla’s and polar bears, they enjoy their own accommodation. One of the most amazing features of zoo is Oceanium, about 22 meters lang tunnel, where you will meet many sea animals, such as sharks,sea otters,turtles or king penguins. The beautiful butterfly garden Amazonica is must to see. Blijdorp is a magnificent zoo for young and old. There is also a children Jungle where kids can climb,swing and slide just like monkey.
In Blijdorp you will find very famous silverback gorilla Bokito, which in may 2007 escaped from his enclosure and injured woman. Before the attack, the woman was a regular visitor of the zoo (4-5 times per week). Regulary touching the glass between her and the gorilla, she claimed a special eye contact with Bokito and smilling at him.

Adress zoo Blijdorp: Blijdorplaan 8, 3041 JG Rotterdam.

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