Shopping area-Koopgoot,Lijnbaan en Beursplein

Koopgoot, Lijnbaan and Beursplein.
The most famous shopping area in Rotterdam-Koopgoot, Lijnbaan en Beursplein.Lijnbaan is also close to the Koopgoot. The first car-free zone in Europa or purpose-built pedestrian street is the Lijnbaan in Rotterdam,opened in 1953. Today Linbaankwartier is the shopping heart of Rotterdam and great entertainment district. Shops are open 7 days a week. This district is home to the major concert halls of Rotterdam. Classical music, jazz and world music are performed in de Doelen. The Rotterdamse Schowburg offers theatre productions as well as opera and dance. People who would like go clubbing or having night’s party can dance in the caf├ęs that line Stadhuisplein.
In the area surrounding the Lijnbaan , nearby Coolsingel are well known shops,for example C&A,Douglas, Sting, Rivera Island and the biggest H&M of Europa. At both sides of Koopgoot there are other famous shops-Hema, V&D, Bijenkorf, WE, Peek&Cloppenburg. The Kruiskade street is known for its more luxury shops such Hugo Boss, Roberto Boticelli, Shoebaloo, Michael Kors, 7For All Mankind.

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