Stadium the Kuip

The Kuip.Football stadium of the club Feyenoord.Feyenoord is one of the major teams of the Netherlands. When you are in Rotterdam you must visit the most beautiful stadium of the Netherlands and maybe whole Europe ! You can also visit one of the games of Feyenoord. Tickets can be bought at the Feyenoord internet site, also information about the building, visiting hours, kids clubs, souvenirs and anything you can think of. You can also take a guided tour during the 1,5 hours and go the most intresting sights, like Home Of History, a place where Feyenoord and other football fans can have the time of their life examining, the huge collection of cups, pennants, photos and other memories. You will also find information about pop concerts here and football matches of ,,Oranje,,- the Dutch national team. Entrance is 7,50€. The stadium has a capacity of 51000 seats .Every inhabitant is proud of ,,de Kuip,,. The stadium was completly renovated for about 50 million euro in the 90-s and now coming new planes for more renovation or total new  stadium. The results is a beautiful stadium, which  is one of the favourite stadiums of the UEFA.

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